Voice Message

The World of Hiroshi TAKANO

Photography, Underwater video-filming, Photo concert, Photo essay, Photo exhibition and Photo library. Taking pictures & write-ups by request.

Message tools are all his original. Pictures, lyrics, melody, singing, playing the guitar and talks are his tools of communications, easily understood beyond nations.

All life comes from water. That's why Takano feels that it's so crucially important to sensitize people to the plight of our jeopardized oceans and other bodies of water. Global warming is his strong concern, and Takano has visited not only Japan but also Europe, North America and tropical islands in the South Pacific to photograph the natural beauty in these regions and to write about and sing about his experiences there, especially, nature & water environments, life, underwater worlds, love and his own aquatic travel.

Current Activities

His photogaraphic subjects include aquatic environments on sea, river and lake in and outside Japan. Aquatic travel is also his theme of activities. He takes pictures about travel scenes from foods to landscape and people.

Underwater video filming work with a digital camera for professhional use. His works are used for advertsing and TV document use.

He is a regular contributor of photo essays to a number of publications. Travel magazines, newspapers and other popular journals in Japan. One of the journals is the fishing magazine for which he has been writing with photos over 17 years and still continues. He can also make a story in English.

Exhibition with photo panels for specific themes is available. Photo exhibition or photo exhibition with a photo concert is also available.

By request he is ready for assignments. Pictures taken and exepriences will be also introduced through his message tools, namely his "photo-esasys and photo concert".

STOCK PHOTO (Photo Library)
His pictures are available to rent for use in publishing and advertising media. His specialty of photography on "Water" and works have been widely used not only in Japan but also outside Japan through local photo libraries in Swtizerland, Spain, Germany and etc. His photo catalogue books published are MP1, MP2, MP3, MP4, MP5 and MP6 which contain many of his photographic genre.

Recent Major Photo Concerts and Media Exposure

Hiroshi Takano Photo Concert
2009 Many other events and seminars in Japan
2005 & 2008 Frankfurt Book Fair, and many other domestic events.
2005 Aichi World Expo in Japan.
2004 CEPIC Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark
-The world largest photo library congress-
The 3rd World Water Forum in Japan.
The 2001 WTO(World Tourism Organization) Int'l Congress held in
Osaka, Japan
Foreign government tourism promotion board stationed in Japan.
Canadian Education Alliance
Other Japanese educational bodies
"Asia-Pacific Workshop" in Zurich, Switzerland, etc.

NHK (Japan National Broadcasting) nation-wide radio programs, Private Radio and TV stations in Japan, Exposure on leading Japanese newspapers and travel magazines, etc.

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