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Aquatic Photojournalist
Hiroshi Takano Photo Concert

He has continued to photograph "water subjects" over thirty years, focusing on aquatic nature and environments, life, global warming, to capture on the film, the underwater & waterside world within his home country, Japan and over 40 countries worldwide.

Hiroshi Takano Photo Concert is the unique presentation that you can enjoy audio-visually through his 100% original contents such as words, melody, singing, guitar playing and his visuals.

Topics of Photo Concert:
During the presentation, he talks and sings about various topics on "water".
They are: Aquatic nature, Underwater creatures, Marine Life, Rain Forest, Mangrove, Aquatic Travel,Eco-tour, Water Crisis, Drinking water shortage, Global Warming, Love, etc.
He also touches upon his aquatic travels and takes audience on a journey with him to many places on this planet through his own experience.

Recent Major Photo Concerts and Media Exposure

Hiroshi Takano Photo Concert
2009 Many other events and seminars in Japan
2005 & 2008 Frankfurt Book Fair, and many other domestic events.
2005 Aichi World Expo in Japan.
2004 CEPIC Congress in Copenhagen, Denmark
-The world largest photo library congress-
The 3rd World Water Forum in Japan.
The 2001 WTO(World Tourism Organization) Int'l Congress held in
Osaka, Japan
Foreign government tourism promotion board stationed in Japan.
Canadian Education Alliance
Other Japanese educational bodies
"Asia-Pacific Workshop" in Zurich, Switzerland, etc.

NHK (Japan National Broadcasting) nation-wide radio programs, Private Radio and TV stations in Japan, Exposure on leading Japanese newspapers and travel magazines, etc.

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