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Original Products by Hiroshi TAKANO

Music Photo Book
-Photo & Essay with Music CD

"Dream Tour"
This is a uniquely designed music photo book that contains a music CD on top. Hiroshi TAKANO, the author and aquatic photojournalist, has done many aquatic travels and crafted his original songs. This is a book about his "Dream Tour" to be shared with readers. Eight of his original songs that he made in his travel are in the CD.
This music photo book is about an island in Malaysia called "Tioman" floating on the South China Sea. The Author visited the island 1983 and made his original song "Tioman" in the same year. The photo-essay in Japanese was also translated into English and Malay language.
This music photo book contains underwater pictures on life cycle of a Japanese river fish called "Ayu". The author has spent 15 years to take dramatic underwater pictures of its life of Ayu. Also a music CD that contains his three original songs including "Ayu" is attached to it. This is a must to see and read the exciting drama of this tiny river fish especially for children. Please see, read and listen. Just feel it.

Photo Essay

The literal meeting of the Japanese word "Kohan" is "Lakeside". This photo book with essay shows how the author7s enthusiastic love about aquatic nature. The title of this book came from the author*s coverage of the largest lake in Japan called "Biwako". This is a truly "Mother Lake". He originated also his song "Kohan".

CD Album

First music CD Album "Aqua Island"
This is a music CD which contains 10 songs crafted by Hiroshi TAKANO. This is his first CD Album about water environments and aquatic travel in and outside Japan. Lyrics, melody, guitar playing and singing by Hiroshi TAKANO.


<Digital Collection MP6>

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<Catalogue Collection MP1 - MP5>

MP5 (1044pages)

photo by Hiroshi TAKANO
MP4 (144pages)
This is his latest photo catalogue titled "Aqua Images".
It tells everything about "Water and its environment". In addition, marine and aqua life such as fish, turtles and other tiny eyes of living creatures are included.
Cover page picture: Beach scene in Hawaii, USA.

photo by Hiroshi TAKANO
MP3 (104pages)
Now he developed his photogarphic genre more. Aquatic photos cover rain forests, mangrove. More aquatic environments scenes, but still centering on "Water subject". More libraries in and outside Japan joins in handling his pictures for advertising and magazines, etc.
Cover page picture: Rain forest which reflects in the surface of water.

photo by Hiroshi TAKANO
MP2 (56pages)
It has more pictures and water subjects. Marine, Aqua and Image visions are more than its first edition.
Cover page picture:Underwater of Okinawa Island, Japan

photo by Hiroshi TAKANO
MP1 (32pages)
His first edition. It covers "Water" and its environments covering sea, river, lake and other images of water subjects. Immediately after his first photo catalogue has been published, domestic and overseas photo libraries started handling it.
Cover page picture: Boracay Island, Philippines

photo by Hiroshi TAKANO
MP SPECIAL (47pages)
This is something special. He collected pictures on edible fish and fish for fishing in the salt water & fresh water. This is a quite a unique product. Second edition are planned to be published.

photo by Hiroshi TAKANO etc.

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