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Hiroshi Takano,
Aquatic Photojournalist

Born in the Kansai area of Japan, Hiroshi Takano has devoted nearly 30 years of his professional life to photography and songwriting based on "water" themes. His own photo agency, "Aqua Image Inc." in Osaka, enjoys a fine reputation for producing high quality photographs of water-related natural scenes, and these photos are distributed by photo agencies in over 30 countries.
All life comes from water. That's why Takano feels that it's so crucially important to sensitize people to the plight of our jeopardized oceans and other bodies of water. Global warming is his strong concern, and Takano has visited not only Japan but also Europe, North America and tropical islands in the South Pacific to photograph the natural beauty in these regions and to write songs about his experiences there.

Photo Essay
His work has been widely featured in magazines, newspapers, photo exhibitions and advertising media. His work also includes photo essays, following the themes of natural environments, travel and marine life, foods, etc.

Audio-Visual Presentation
- Hiroshi Takano Photo Concert -
At his "Hiroshi Takano Photo Concerts," he delights his audiences with his 100% original visuals, songs, guitar playing and story telling. Hiroshi Takano is a creative and multitalented individual.
His photo concerts have been held on such high profile international stages as the 2001 World Tourism Organization (WTO) Congress in Osaka, the 3rd Int'l Water Forum held in Osaka (March 2003) and the Aichi World Expo held in 2005 in Japan, 2005 & 2008 Frankfurt Book Fair in Germany.

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Borneo Island, East Malaysia/Kazuki Takano/June, 2006

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